Message From CEO

Message From CEO

My Dear Friends, We are devoted to giving our all to the economic and technological advancement of the country as members of the Indian manufacturing fraternity.

We would like to express our opinions on a developing situation in our industry and economy. Sincerily, we believe that the foundry business is positioned at a turning point, from which we anticipate a fast recovery curve and the return of good days.

The economy is showing a certain and concrete resurgence across the industrial spectrum, and the nation is back on track. It appears that the declining GDP, rising CAD, slowing industrial productions, inflation, and other issues will soon be a thing of the past! The future of the nation is now in skilled, proactive, and upbeat hands.

Our drive to honestly and aggressively contribute to our goal of "MAKE IN INDIA" will undoubtedly strengthen our pace of becoming a developed nation from a developing one.

Let our foundry sector serve as a driving force behind MAKE IN INDIA's outstanding achievement.

Sincere Thanks,

Dharti Metal Cast Management